Russian-born Nina Mel is an author, speaker, psychologist, meditation expert, energy intuitive and digital content creator specializing in the study of profound questions in metaphysics, mindfulness and self-identification.

Nina writes and produces The Shared Self, a series of thought-provoking audio and video "meditations"- lectures that aim to melt the separations between psychology, philosophy, and spirituality, as well as those between our hearts.

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About me
Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth, - said Alan Watts, and I couldn't agree more.

With my background in Psychology from Moscow State University, studies in Philosophy at Harvard University, and interests that range from spirituality to technology, quantum physics to meditation, theology to futurism, my overarching passion is exploring the cross-connectedness between the main fields of human knowledge, belief systems, and religions.

I use "audio meditations" to create dialogues with myself and with you, in order to link and merge opposites, to tame paradoxes, to dissolve duality and to melt the borders between science and spirituality, nature and technology, intellect and emotions; individual self and the Absolute; human and God; to transcend religions into one understanding, to marry all minds into one Mind, and to conceive the synergistic child of this unification: the limitless, boundless, conflict-free, struggle-free you.
The other world is this world, seen from a different perspective


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Video Meditations
While I am influenced by many great thinkers, shaped by many philosophers, and inspired by many spiritual teachers of the past and of our time, my main influencer and shaper has always been the mystical experiences or direct revelations that I have been blessed to go through and be transformed by several times in my life, with the biggest, most important, and most life-changing one happening earlier this year of 2016.

The result of this last experience has been a compilation and production, with the help of the highly talented and most lovely editor Lori Snyder, of this series of "epiphanies," or reflections, which I present to you as "video meditations".

These video meditations are chock-full of unmitigated truth that might, for some, be hard to swallow. And so it was for me.
Their core message challenges everything that we have ever learned as spiritual seekers - it is not about becoming wiser, better, kinder, more positive or more spiritual. Not about making the world a better place, becoming a better person, or becoming better equipped to be a proper member of society.

The only message that these "epiphanies" convey is that we obtain a different sense of self-identity, a radically different experience of that which we call "I."
This journey is not for everyone, but it might be for you.

Meditation for you and through you


A combination of psychological consultation, philosophical contemplation, meditation, metaphysical channeling, and distant energy reading, private meditation offers you my insights as well as my meditation for you and through you.
A private meditation gives you an opportunity to interact with me personally when you need additional clarification for a situation, question, or problem. Those who need this and will benefit from it in this specific moment will be pulled to this relationship between us - it is a shared experience, a shared revelation of that which wants to be reflected from you to me, and then back to you from me.

We come together as parts of one Self that attract each other in order to reveal, heal, recall and realize something between us and within our shared Original Self; something that needs to be taken to the light of our conscious interaction and be processed. It's not about what I will tell you; it's about what you will tell yourself—using my voice as a reflection of your own inner understanding. This is an insight from our Higher Self, and the thoughts, ideas, perceptions, and revelations that need to rise to the surface of your awareness.

You can be anywhere in the world for this interaction to occur; we do not have to physically be in the same room. Your private meditation will be sent to you as an audio response.
The way we see anything is the way we create it


A Message from our Shared Self and other musings from the Innernet

Yoga is a tool for developing awareness


Visit the yoga section of this website for everything related to yoga: Nina's yoga books, articles, free yoga practice charts, meditation techniques, tips and more.
Yoga is a perfect tool for managing the relationship between mind and body.
It is also an instrument for the evolution of consciousness, and the mirror that reflects it. Then again, so is everything in this life. Start looking deeper and more mindfully into any subject or activity, and it all becomes a tool, an opportunity to know yourself better – it becomes yoga.
So yoga is just one of the tools for developing awareness, for internally working on concrete states and situations. It's an opportunity to focus energy and direct it appropriately. Yoga is everything we can accept from it.

I have always clearly seen how limited the systems or styles of yoga are, so I tried to make my approach less of a structured, strict system and more of a philosophy that would be applicable to any yoga school or system, a philosophy designed to shed light on certain aspects of yoga practice, especially its effect on our mind and consciousness, and on the energy aspect of yoga.

A philosophy that would expand the mind, rather than contract it into a narrowed structure.

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