Practicing Word Yoga

Ever since I devoted myself to working with the Word, writing books and articles, I've been realizing with more and more clarity that, no matter what we devote ourselves to, as soon as we start to look at our chosen subject or activity more deeply, more attentively, with more awareness, it becomes an instrument of spiritual growth and opportunity for self-realization—it all becomes Yoga. And today I want to tell you about Word Yoga.

Long ago, we were all masters of Word Yoga and we made use of that mastery: we could Speak, creating the Word that best suited the contents of our awareness in resonance with its energy and meaning. The Word was a manifestation of consciousness, a direct and pure expression of the Divine in the material plane, the Plane of Manifestation. It was what the Word had once been for God—a tool for creating the Universe.

Word Yoga is the most ancient of practices, a branch of the equally-ancient knowledge of Proto-Yoga, created eons ago and practiced by the earliest civilizations. But as time passed, as civilizations rose and fell, our awareness got tied down by a web of ignorance. Our connection to the Spirit was gradually forgotten. Words became a chaotic reflection of our chaotic minds instead of the Divine consciousness that is a part of each of us. The practice of Word Yoga was lost, as were many of the other Proto-Yoga practices.

So many of us have forgotten what it's like to express our Divine consciousness, to manifest our True selves into the World. We are no longer aware of what we think and, consequently, of what we say. The lack of resonance between the contents of our Higher Self and the sound waves we produce sullies the energy body, destroying the physical body by negatively affecting our DNA.

The Word is the first gateway through which Divine Awareness, having passed through the filter of our mind, descends to the Plane of Manifestation and achieves an expressed form. That is, the Word is our first Creation in the material plane: a bit of the contents of our consciousness that other people can perceive.

In modern life, in daily speech, we lose a massive amount of energy. We no longer express our Higher Self through the Word. This is why I would like to suggest a way for you to recall this ancient, powerful practice and include Word Yoga into your routine sadhana, on par with practicing asanas and meditating.

To begin, choose one day of the week—for example, Wednesday, which is the day of Mercury, who governs Speech—and that entire day, from when you first wake until you turn in for the night, devote yourself to practicing Word Yoga. In every moment, without cease, practice awareness in the verbal expression of your Self. Gradually incorporate Word Yoga into your daily, constant practice. Like meditation and the practice of asanas, Word Yoga also requires time, patience, and effort. In undertaking this practice, you will discover how difficult it is at first, and how far we are—no matter how spiritually advanced we seem—from a clear awareness of the contents of our Minds and of exactly what we are manifesting, by way of the Word, into this World at every moment of our existence. Word Yoga requires that we develop total awareness.

7 Keys to Practicing Word Yoga

1) State of Observation
Be aware of every Word you speak. Check yourself to make sure the contents of your consciousness and your verbal expression are in sync. In other words, say what you think and think about what you say. Do not say what you do not think; do not lie, even in the details. When we think one thing while expressing a Word into the world that is vibrationally out of resonance with the contents of our Consciousness, we intensify the imbalance between the energetic and mental bodies, de-integrating them, which precipitates illness.

2) Notice Tone and Emotional Connotation
Do not speak out of anger or emotion. Pay attention to changes in the emotional connotations of your speech. How does this emotional connotation intensify and weaken, reflecting your state and the amount of emotion in your consciousness? Regulate your tone, avoiding sarcasm and the desire to speak in a condescending or patronizing tone or, on the other hand, a servile tone, a "victim's" tone. Always think on what are you creating in that moment in the World through your Word. Is it need? Injury? Anger? Disappointment? What emotions and energies penetrate into your Word?

While emotions need to be lived through our consciousness in order for us to be aware of them, not every thought and emotion must be manifested and expressed in Reality. It is always our choice. We are the active creators of our Word and our Reality. If the contents of your consciousness are not high-vibration, are not what you want to manifest, do not speak them. Be aware of the contents of your consciousness, but do this from the inside. Work with them, look for causes, but do not create them over and over again in your Reality.

3) Energy and Word Trash
Make sure you do not use the following in your speech: parasitic words, low-vibrational slang, profanity, and other energy trash that clutters your energy body and the space around you and negatively influences the consciousness of other people. Express yourself as clearly and purely as possible. This will, in turn, clear and structure the contents of your Consciousness.

4) Word Intention
Track the motivation (intention) that underlies the expression of the particular Word form you choose. Do not say things that you know may insult, injure, shame, tear down, hurt, or raise you above others. Do not use words to manipulate people.

5) Word Speed
Regulate the speed of verbal self-expression. Observe how it changes as your inner excitement and emotionality grows. How much you want to say per minute when you need attention. How you interrupt the Word of others or don't listen to what they say.

6) Word Volume
Consciously control your Word's volume, especially when you are particularly emotional. Do not overload your speech with unnecessary Word volume.

7) Word Quantity and Quality

Learn to express yourself tersely and clearly. The more dilute your speech, the more chaos is in your consciousness. Control the quantity and quality of your Word. Remember that it is your creation, a creation of your own Self and your own Reality. The way it will be depends only on you.

A regular practice of Word Yoga quickly and radically transforms the consciousness, improves interpersonal relations, and changes the entire manifested Reality. We stop arguing over trifles, expressing discontent, complaining, gossiping, using profanity and parasitic words that sully the energy body, or wasting energy on empty conversations and interactions with negative people. We stop lying. The words we vocalize become more and more synchronized with the contents of our consciousness, and those contents reflect the truth of our Higher Selves. The Vishuddha chakra (throat center) clears; throat illnesses disappear. Words influence our DNA, so our physical body balances and heals. The physical, energy, and mental bodies clear, heal, and synchronize. We become more wholesome, more real, and begin to express our real selves in the World.

When we practice Word Yoga, our Word becomes energetically saturated, whole, strong, altogether different—a word of Truth. It heals us, our surroundings, and the people who interact with us. Our speech becomes charismatic and our positive influence on people intensifies. As Word Yoga is perfected, the strength, purity, and quality of the Word increases so much that it begins to consciously create Reality. What is said comes to pass. It isn't magic. It's resonance.

Word Yoga intensifies the connection and resonance with the Spiritual body. The Word becomes a full, fast, and effective Path to Divine Realization. Practice Word Yoga every day and observe the rapid positive changes in yourself and your life.