KEY is a method of mental transformation that leads us to see how the mind creates a problem that has nothing to do with Reality—no matter how "real" it may appear to the mind.

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All of us feel negative emotions at some point or another. Oftentimes, these emotions can cloud our perception, our actions, and our reactions. It can be easy to get stuck in a cycle of negativity. KEY is a modern method of mental transformation based on the perpetual Laws of Mind and Laws of Karma. This method leads us to see how the mind creates a problem that has nothing to do with the Present moment—no matter how "real" it may appear to the mind. The KEY method will prevent the continued projection of the sufferings and mistakes of our Past into our Present and Future, giving us a chance to live happily with awareness, free from suffering in the only real moment: the here and now.

Key helps us recognize that when we stop reacting, perceiving the present moment through the prism of a past that no longer exists, the "present" conflicts and issues melt away.

Sometimes we don't remember or realize that we can consciously choose what to feel in any given situation.

KEY is designed to be used in the midst of strong emotion, and is a powerful tool for reminding ourselves that we can choose. Like any method, the more we practice, the more adept we become. This is not about blocking or suppressing our feelings; quite the contrary, it's about looking more deeply into the emotion, letting ourselves experience it 100%, and then making the choice to slide from negativity to the other side of the emotional spectrum. We no longer have to live in the negative emotion or feel like a helpless victim. Instead, we can use the momentum of the negative emotion to move ourselves in the opposite direction.

The KEY method has been understood by Initiates of all eras, races, and civilizations, and has been used as a tool to master the mind in order to avoid suffering. This knowledge often temporarily disappears from the field of human consciousness, but it always returns to help those who wish to understand the nature of the human mind, the roots of suffering caused by thoughts and actions, and the laws of Karma. The essence of KEY knowledge has never changed, although the words used to describe it—and the ways of transferring the knowledge—shift every time the knowledge resurfaces in order to reflect the influences of the time.

It is important to note that KEY is not a "magic wand" for the kind of irritability caused by bad weather or toothache. It will not help you avoid physical suffering—although it may help you realize what energetic or mental condition caused a disease to be manifested on the physical level—but it will release numerous emotional and mental issues stored deep inside the human psyche, issues that negatively affect all the aspects of our lives, such as inner fears, destructive attitude towards self, conflicts in personal relationships, lack of understanding between parents and children or friends and loved ones, or problems at work.

KEY does not "solve" the problem; it leads you to see that there is nothing to solve.

It is also important to note that there is no quick fix to anything in life. There are no magic pills and no single magic body pose that will, in a minute, get us into a state of full bliss. Old mind patterns need time to loosen their hold and get re-written in our brains, and our minds need time to establish or reestablish new, positive states. Our physical bodies need time to release energy toxins and to rebalance themselves. Try not to approach KEY as a quick fix, but rather as one of the fasted natural methods to shift awareness. When we make an effort and, with clear intention, give ourselves time to heal, we inevitably do. We can get rid of any destructive patterns or psychological habits that no longer suit us. We can reprogram our brain and release our new, better, and freer self.

The full method takes about an hour, although each step by itself is beneficial. With use of the full method, you will get the problem out of your Mind and present reality, neutralizing its Karmic pattern. There is no need for belief that the KEY method works, for the ancient knowledge at the very core of this method requires no faith and will always be perceived by those who are ready for it.