Practice evaluation, personal consultation, energy reading and personalized asana chart all in one
Practice Evaluation
$250 (90 min.)
Connect with me on Skype to consult and have your yoga practice evaluated, energy read and personalized yoga chart to be created.

We will start our 90 minute Skype session with 30 minute personal consultation, that will allow me to connect with you energetically as well as learn about your present issues by asking you specific questions and answer yours.

Consultation will be followed by 30 minute practice - your regular yoga practice routine or any sequence of your choice - for me to observe, take notes, evaluate your practice and see you, your style, your alignment and physical condition, as well as your energy state in action.

The last 30 minutes I will be providing you with my insights, observations and recommendations based on what I've seen:

- I will tell you about all the issues I've identified and ways to correct them (incorrect asana alignment, unsafe physical movement patterns, weak transitions, improper speed of practice, and so on), as well as other general insights and observations about your yoga practice.

- I will describe your current energy state and the condition of each chakra of yours (identified blockages, hypo or hyper activation, the percentage of opening of each chakra), and the ways and techniques to balance them.

- I will present you with your recommended list of asanas in desired order and with recommended breathing pattern, based on your condition and your goals - a personalized yoga asana sequence (chart) for you to practice for the next 2-4 months.

- I will tell you what would be your ideal practice regimen (how many times a week or a day and the ideal time of the day for your practice), most suitable practice style (static or dynamic, with warm up or without, using props or not), recommended amount of breath cycles in each pose and some other tips that might come to me as I interact with you (general diet recommendations, specific food supplements, meditation and energy techniques that would be beneficial for you, and so on).

- You can consult with me about any issues you have in your practice, be it your struggle with particular asana alignment (I'll tell you how to achieve it), physical, psychological or energy reactions during the practice, health-related issues and ways to address them with your practice, spiritually-related questions or anything else.

The price for this offering is US $250.00
Please email me at to schedule the date and time of our session.
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